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Steel Spear Top Fencing

– It has a wide range of usage scenarios and can be adapted to various fence needs.

– The spear-shaped design adds beauty and safety.

– Available in a variety of spear designs including sizes, colors, and finishes.

– The pre-assembled design makes installation more convenient and easier.

– High-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship last longer.

– Various sizes, specifications, and colors are available.

– Special pricing is available for bulk orders.

Sinotopfence has won the trust of customers in various countries by providing high-quality products and patient services. Quality is our strong point and we manufacture our products to the highest standards. Steel spear top fencing is a product we offer that is versatile, durable, and beautiful, making it a perfect choice for various industries.

This kind of fence is suitable for commercial, industrial, residential, and construction use needs, so its adaptability is very wide. The spear-shaped top design enhances appeal while adding elegance and enhanced safety. Additionally, our spear tops are designed with a variety of customizable options including size, color, and finish. So it can be perfectly combined with the scene you are using.

Our pre-assembled design makes steel spear top fencing installation easier and faster. In terms of materials for manufacturing products, we use high-strength galvanized steel, so it has excellent durability and stability. In terms of technology, the powder coating process is used, so it is more rust-proof and oxidation-resistant. High-quality materials and advanced technology extend its service life. Stability and reliable performance can be ensured under various harsh environmental conditions.

We have a variety of sizes, specifications, and colors to choose from, so we can adapt to the needs of all scenarios. We will also provide relevant accessories to make installation more convenient. At the same time, as a professional manufacturer, we can customize products according to needs.

Sinotopfence is your trustworthy professional fence manufacturer. Additionally, for more information about our steel spear top fencing, or to learn more about our related products. Please feel free to contact us at +86 16678596616 or email [email protected]. We’re here to help.


Spear Top Fencing Color Options: 

Steel Spear Top Fencing Product Color

You can provide the color number of the product color to customize the product’s color


Product Specification: 

Panel Size (mm) Horizontal Rail Size (mm) Vertical Picket Size (mm) Weight(kg)
2400W X 2400H 40X40X2.5 25X25X2.0 72.86
40X40X2.0 25X25X1.6 59.62
40X40X1.6 25X25X1.2 48.19
2400W X 2100H 40X40X2.0 25X25X1.6 53.55
40X40X1.6 25X25X1.2 41.39
2400W X 1800H 40X40X2.0 25X25X1.6 47.58
40X40X1.6 25X25X1.2 36.8

Steel Spear Top Fencing Product Size


Production Details of Spear Top Fencing:

Production Details of Steel Spear Top Fencing

Inspection content of raw materials:

1. Appearance: no obvious scratches, rusts, and other defects, pipe material is no obvious bending.
2. Size: Whether the outside diameter, wall thickness, and cutting length satisfy drawing requirements.

Features of automatic patting:

1. High production continuity and efficiency.
2. Automatic production with a strong consistency of production process and stable quality

Immersion pretreatment:

The chemical reaction between the liquid and the metal surface forms a layer of dense crystal film, to enhance the adhesion of the product coating ability

Pre-shipment testing:

1. We will do cross-cut testing for the powder coating before delivery.
2. Our QC checks the powder coating thickness at every position of the fence panel. The average thickness of the coating is more than 100um.


Spear Top Fencing Production Process:

Steel Spear Top Fencing Standard Production Process

1. The raw material inspection of steel spear top fencing ensures that the raw materials meet the manufacturing standards, thus ensuring the quality of the product from the source.

2. Cut the galvanized pipe to the appropriate length (fully automatic machine).

3. Mill holes on the cut pipe beams (fully automatic machine).

4. Flatten the cut pipe as necessary.

5. Weld the overall frame structure of the product.

6. Clean surface welding slag and other impurities.

7. Pre-treat the surface (phosphating + pure water cleaning), thus increasing the adhesion of the powder.

8. Powder spray (epoxy polyester primer + MetaPrep topcoat)

9. Quality inspection is performed on every steel spear top fencing product, thus ensuring that our customers receive products that meet quality standards.

Packing and Shipping of Steel Spear Top Fencing

As a professional manufacturer with many years of export experience, we know the importance of packaging for steel spear top fencing. We use stretch film + cardboard + strapping tape + pallet packaging, which is very strong and ensures safe transportation in logistics. At the same time, our customers can easily unload the products using forklifts. If you have other needs, we will pack strictly according to your requirements. We use sea shipping, which is convenient, fast, and stable.


For small orders, sample orders, or air shipments, T/T in advance (telegraphic transfer-bank order). We can also offer preferential and flexible payment terms to our customers to establish a win-win partnership. Other payments: L/C, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram, Paypal, or Escrow. There can be minor variations in different places.

We offer the following post-purchase services following your payment:

1. Product quality guarantee:
We guarantee to supply goods that satisfy quality requirements, to verify with purchasers that goods are packaged appropriately before shipping, and to bear responsibility for any issues relating to product quality within a predetermined time frame.

2. Product packaging and transportation problem-solving:
If there are any issues with product packaging or transportation—damage, loss, etc.—we bear responsibility for them and offer suitable fixes.

3. Technical support and training:
We provide product-specific technical support and training to ensure that the buyer can properly use and maintain the product.

4. Rapid response and problem-solving:
To secure the buyer’s happiness and maintain a long-term cooperative partnership, we pledge to promptly address the buyer’s concerns and problems and to find quick solutions.

5. Repair and maintenance services:
We provide repair and maintenance services to guarantee normal operation and prolong the service life of the products.

6. Meet customers’ personalized needs:
We strive to meet buyers’ personalized needs, such as customized products and special packaging.

7. After-sales survey and feedback:
To learn more about our customer’s happiness with our services and to make necessary improvements to the quality of our services, we regularly conduct after-sales surveys.

We have the best after-sales staff around. Please Contact Us as soon as possible if you experience any after-sale issues. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a satisfying answer.

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